Swedish-Hungarian war of words escalates

2:25 min

Hungary's ambassador to Sweden has been called for a Wednesday meeting with the Swedish foreign office after an escalating war of words between ministers in the two countries moved up a notch.

This weekend, Hungary's deputy prime minister Zsolt Semjen called Sweden's Social Insurance Minister Annika Strandhäll "a sick being" on a TV talkshow, after she had criticised the country's leader Victor Orban for his words about the need for more "Hungarian children".

Orban used the words when unveiling a seven-point "family protection action plan" earlier this month - a plan he hopes will boost the nation's declining birthrate. 

Strandhäll commented, on twitter, that "Now Orban wants more 'true' Hungarian children to be born. The policies reek of the 1930s", which caused angry reactions in Hungary, culminating in the deputy prime minister's comments about Strandhäll.