Moose migration makes for some 'contemplative' Swedish slow TV

5:31 min

They have been travelling the same journey, waiting for the ice to melt, for 9,000 years.

The elks or moose are migrating to their summer grazing pastures by the foot of the mountains in northern Sweden. 

And every spring, dating back centuries, at the exact same spot, they swim across the Ångermanälven river near Junsele in Ångermanland.

This year, starting on Monday, 22 cameras are capturing the crossing with more than 400 hours of live coverage on Swedish Television.

"Five metres from one of our cameras there is a trap where they used to catch the moose, so humans have been sitting, waiting exactly like we are doing now, for thousands of years," presenter Anders Lundin, who will be co-hosting a live broadcast of the crossing, tells Radio Sweden.