Sweden Democrat EU candidates rocked by groping scandal

1:26 min

The top candidate of the Sweden Democrats for the EU Parliament, Peter Lundgren, admits to Swedish Radio that he groped a woman at a party last year.

However, Lundgren denied Monday morning on Swedish Radio that he did anything wrong, and described the situation as a rather drunk party where things just happened.

The Sweden Democrat party leadership say they still have full confidence in Lundgren and that the matter has already been dealt with. The party has sent newspaper Expressen a statement said to be from the woman in question, where she says that on the night of the incident Peter Lundgren misinterpreted the situation, went too far and stopped when she spoke out. The statement says Peter Lundgren has apologised and moved on.

All this is happened just a day after the party's fourth candidate was kicked off the ballot, in a related matter, with just one week to go before election night on May 26.

Kristina Winberg, who currently sits in the EU Parliament, is accused in an official statement of "conspiring to smear colleagues with the help of the media". Newspaper Expressen says they have a recording of her speaking to the woman who was groped, who is also a member of the Sweden Democrats.