Centre-right and nationalists main winners of Sweden's EU vote

1:31 min

Sweden will be sending more right-wing and nationalist representatives to the EU Parliament, while the Greens have shrunk as has the Feminist Initiative.

The Moderate and Christian Democrat parties, who both sit in Europe's centre-right EPP will gain one more seat each. The Sweden Democrats, who sit in the eurosceptic ECR, will gain one.

Peter Lundgren, MEP for the Sweden Democrats, says it is a huge success; they went up almost six percentage points.

The Green Party is down two seats, and the Feminist Initiative has lost its only seat.

The outgoing MEP for the Feminists, Soraya Post, says the result is quite bad.

The Liberal Party has lost one of its two seats, meanwhile the Center Party, which likewise sits in the liberal ALDE European group, has gained one seat.

The Social Democrats are unchanged as Sweden's biggest party, with five of the country's 20 seats. The Left Party is also still at its previous level, with one seat in the EU Parliament.

More Swedes and EU citizens in Sweden cast their vote than ever before, with turnout around 53%, up around two percentage points compared to last election five years ago.

Social Democrats 23.6 %

Moderate Party 16.8 %

Sweden Democrats 15.4 %

Green Party 11.4 %

Center Party 10.8 %

Christian Democrats 8.7 %

Left Party 6.7 %

Liberal Party 4.1 %

Feminist Initiative 0.8 %

(Results with 5,984 of 6,305 districts counted).