Is farmed salmon as healthy as we think?

7:49 min

Swedes love salmon but some scientists and a new film say the farmed variety of the fish isn't as healthy as it's believed.

Ninety-seven percent of the salmon consumed in Sweden is farmed in Norway. Swedish angler Mikael Frödin has fished for salmon in rivers for decades and says wild salmon in Sweden is suffering from the impact of the farmed salmon industry.

Together with a film team from the American outdoor clothing company Patagonia, with whom Frödin works as a so-called brand ambassador, the group documented the conditions at a salmon pen on the Alta fjord in Norway, and was later sentenced for trespassing.

Sigmund Björgo of the Norwegian Seafood Council, a public company owned by the Norwegian state that works with the seafood industry, says the film crew never approached the salmon farming industry to get their side of the story.

He added that Norway’s wild salmon stock is doing well even with the many salmon farms in the country.

Meanwhile, Norwegian scientist Bjørn Bolann at the University of Bergen is trying to get the message out that farmed salmon is harmful to pregnant women, their babies and young children because of toxins that store in the fatty fish. Listen in to hear the whole story.