Christian Democrats show strong surge in new poll

1:59 min

If an election to parliament was held today, the Christian Democrats would get 13 percent of the votes and end up only 3 percentage points after the Moderate Party.

Never before has the Christian Democrats reached this high in a poll from Statistics Sweden, which was published on Tuesday and is the biggest poll Sweden has got outside a real election.

The poll shows a strong shift, in that the conservative Moderates for the past 40 years has been the biggest party with the Swedish political right, while the Christian Democrats, which only made it into parliament in 1991, have spent much of the time since close to the 4 percent threshold.

The poll is likely nerve-racking for the Liberal Party, which scored only 3.7 percent: a historic low for the party and not enough to earn it a seat in Swedish Parliament. The party has been split over its cooperation with the Social Democrats, and is now in the midst of a leadership battle, after Jan Björklund announced that he will step down at the end of this month.

The poll was carried out over late April and May and asked just over 9,000 people which party they would you vote for if there was an election today.