Warning about Baltic bacteria

2:28 min

Last year, a record number of people in Sweden were infected by the water-bourne bacteria Vibrio, which can cause serious infection.

The spread of Vibrio is likely to increase as climate change warms up oceans, Projections show that the Baltic Sea will likely be warmer during a longer season and further north. Studies from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control show that this increases the growth of the bacteria Vibrio in the water.

In 2018, 135 people in Sweden were infected by Vibrio, the highest number since 2004, the first year the infections had to be reported to the health authorities. One of the infected people died. If you swim with an open wound and get a Vibrio infection, you can get blood poisoning. Vibrio can also cause ear infections and diarrhea if you swallow water with the bacteria in it.