World first as local council uses robots to perform "unbiased" job interviews

8:28 min

What is it like to have a job interview - with a robot? Anders Örnhed knows. He is the first in Sweden - and possibly the world - to be hired after a robot-led interview.

The robot Tengai was developed by researchers in Stockholm, who formed a startup and later teamed up with a recruitment agency.

Before the summer, Upplands-Bro municipality, north of Stockholm, became the first in the country and the world to use Tengai as a part of the recruitment for their new digital co-ordinator. The idea was to get an unbiased assessment of the candidates competencies.

Radio Sweden spoke to Örnhed about the experience, and to Havva Ilhan, deputy head of human resources at Upplands-Bro, about why they were prepared to out-source something as important as recruitment to a robot.