New Jersey police helping Stockholm speed up gun investigations

3:57 min

Swedish police are hoping to learn from their American colleagues on how to tackle gun crime, in a co-operation between Stockholm and New Jersey State Police.

There have already been several visits back and forth, and this week, former superintendent colonel of New Jersey State Police, Rick Fuentes, is in town to share his experiences of how they managed to cut the number of shootings by a third in a couple of years.

New Jersey has a similar size population as Sweden, but with about ten times as many shootings every year, according to Fuentes. However, there are common denominators in the gang-related gun violence, he says.

Ulf Johansson, head of Stockholm police region, says he and his colleagues are particulary interested in how New Jersey State Police managed to cut the amount of time it takes to examine weapons or analyse ballistic information from a crime scene.

They are also looking at the idea of a Real Time Crime Center, a kind of back-office-support the police officers in the field, and special field intelligence officers that are experts in collecting information from a crime scene where weapons have been used.