Speed limits to be lowered from 90 to 80 km/h on many roads

4:39 min

The speed limit on more than 1,100 kilometres of road will be lowered around the country, in a push to save more lives.

The Transport Administration has decided to lower the limit on many roads from 90 kilometres per hour to 80. The change will come into effect in the beginning of November and is part of a bigger overhaul to, by 2025, reduce the speed limit on all roads where today it's 90, but where there is no central barrier between oncoming traffic.

But the motorist organisation Motormännen claim this is merely an move to save money instead of doing proper investments.

One road affected by the changes is the E4 outside Robertsfors, on the north eastern coast of Sweden. Hear Robertsfors mayor Patrik Nilsson, who fears the change it will affect people's ability to get to work on time and their willingness to live and commute from the municipality.