Suspected money laundering at Swedish bank SEB

1:06 min

Sweden's finance markets minister says he's 'fed-up' of seeing allegations of Swedish banks not following the rules after the latest SVT revelations about money laundering.

In an interview with news agency TT, Per Bolund notes that several of Sweden's major banks have seemingly failed to fulfill their mission of countering money laundering.

SVT along with TT revealed on Wednesday that accounts at SEB had links to suspected money laundering in Estonia. It follows the long-running Baltic money scandal affecting Swedbank and Danske Bank.

Finance markets minister Per Boland says that it's time the banks cleaned up their acts: "I really don't care what the reasons are. The rules we set should be followed. I now expect that the banks are open and transparent, put all the cards on the table to restore confidence, and sharpen their work and cooperate fully with the authorities."