'This is positive': global carbon emissions set to grow slowly in 2019

4:03 min

Global carbon emissions rose only 0.6 percent in 2019 due to a decline in the worldwide use of coal, according to a new report.

The projection comes from the 2019 Global Carbon Budget, published on Wednesday in the journal Nature, which is the first full-year estimate of the increase in greenhouse gas emissions in 2019.

Over 76 scientists from 57 research institutions in 15 countries working under the umbrella of the Future Earth research initiative on global sustainability, found "an unexpected" decline in coal use in the European Union, in the US, in China and other nations.

Owen Gaffney, director of international media and strategy at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, and a member of Future Earth, tells Radio Sweden that the slowdown is 'positive news' compared to last year's report, but emissions need to peak by 2020.