State epidemiologist: Corona virus does not pose a threat in Sweden

2:28 min

This is a report from January 2020.

The Corona virus outbreak has led to Swedish companies imposing travel restrictions and to a run on protective face masks, but Sweden's state epidemiologist says there is little reason to worry about getting infected in Sweden.

"Right now, I think the most important thing for Swedes to know about the disease is that it doesn't exist here and there's no reason for the Swedish population to be worried about it," Anders Tegnell, state epidemiologist and co-director of the Public Health Agency of Sweden, tells Radio Sweden.

Asked if there are any precautions one should take at all here in Sweden, such as wearing the face masks available in Swedish pharmacies, Tegnell said: "No, because the disease is not here" and "those masks you buy at pharmacies in Sweden don't protect against viral diseases".