Liberals open to taking IS children into care

2:31 min

Sweden's Liberal Party says it is open to putting the children of IS brides in Syria into forcible care, if there is no other way of bringing them back to Sweden.

It's been nearly a year since IS lost its final stronghold in Syria, but the fate of the children of Swedish nationals who travelled to Syria to join the terrorist network is still uncertain.

While all Swedish political parties say they want to act in the children's best interests, few are prepared to bring both them and their mothers from northern Syria to Sweden.

The Liberal Party says it is open to the idea of taking the children into forcible care, but only as a last resort.

"If absolutely necessary, as a worst-case scenario, we're prepared to introduce a temporary law, because this is an emergency situation, especially for the kids," Johan Pehrson, the Liberal Party's legal affairs spokesperson tells Swedish Radio.