IS members could soon be put to trial

2:04 min

A plan for how to put IS members to trial in Syria was presented by the Kurdish-led administration in northeastern Syria to the Swedish government today. Sweden’s foreign minister Ann Linde says that she finds the plan “very interesting”.

Sweden is the first country to see the plan which was presented during a meeting between Sweden and a high delegation from the Kurdish-led administration in northeastern Syria today. The plan aims to set up a judicial process in which the tens of thousands IS members currently held in camps in northeastern Syria could be tried.

Shiyar Ali represents the Kurdish administration in Sweden and has been involved in drawing up the plan.

– We must prosecute everyone who has been a member of this terrorist organization to bring justice to their victims. If they are innocent they must, of course, be released, but not before they have stood trial, Ali says to Swedish Radio.

When could this take place?

– Within a short time, the coming months: March, April, says Shiyar Ali.

Shiyar Ali does not want to share any details regarding sentence lengths, but says they could be within the range of six months to several years in prison.

Tens of thousands of women are currently held in the IS camps in Syria. According to Shiyar Ali, the Kurdish authorities are going to need a great deal of support from their countries of origin.

Sweden’s foreign minister Ann Linde says to Swedish Radio that her government now will go over the plan in order to evaluate whether it is in accordance with legal certainty for judicial processes.

– Our lawyers will look into this to evaluate whether this is a successful path or not, but we have for a long time expressed that we would like to see increased accountability in the region and that is what all this is about, so it is an interesting plan, she says.