Still low risk of catching coronavirus in Sweden, says Public Health Agency

2:58 min

The spread of the coronavirus is slowing down in China, and the Swedish Public Health Agency's focus is now on Europe.

But still, the risk for people in Sweden to catch the virus is very low, says state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell.

The number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Sweden rose on Wednesday to 36, but considering that tens of thousands of people have travelled to Italy to go skiing, many of them even before it was known that there was an outbreak of the coronavirus in the country, Anders Tegnell does not think that the situation is so bad.

(It) is quite a lot compared to what we have had before, but compared to all the people that have gone to Italy, the chance for individuals to get it is still very, very low,"

All cases in Sweden have mild symptoms of the disease, according to Tegnell. The Public Health Agency believe they have so far broken the chain of transmission from all cases in Sweden.