Police detain man suspected of attacking Chechen critic in Gävle

2:51 min

Police in Gävle have a man in custody this week after he allegedly attacked a Chechen blogger and government critic with a hammer.

The attack told place on February 26th inside the victim's home. News agency TT reports that a 29-year-old Russian citizen has been remanded in custody since Sunday for attempted murder. The district prosecutor says the suspect has denied any wrongdoing.

The alleged victim, Tumso Abdurakhmanov, is a popular and outspoken critic of the of Chechen government and its leader Ramzan Kadyrov. And Michael Runey, a senior program officer for Eurasia at Civil Rights Defenders, says the attack fits into a troubling pattern of other exiled Chechen dissidents being threatened or killed.

Runey says Civil Rights Defenders is not involved with the case but underscored that it's important for Sweden to investigate not just the attack itself but who is ultimately behind it and to bring them to justice.