Party leaders meet to hear government Coronavirus planning

1:34 min

Leaders of Sweden's political parties met today to get information from the government about the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Several parties have been pushing for a temporary suspension of the use of the "karensdag", the first day of sick leave which is generally unpaid.

There are fears that economic reasons could stop people calling in sick and staying at home if they have mild cold or flu symptoms. Party leaders leaving the meeting said it was a good meeting but there was no real new information, and that no decisions were made.

At 1pm March 11th there are 409 confirmed cases of covid-19 in Sweden, the vast majority were infected abroad. Health authorities are currently looking into whether community spread could have begun within Sweden, after a couple of cases were discovered in Stockholm and Västra Götaland with no known links to foreign travel.

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Update: The government has just announced it will temporarily scrap the "karensdag", and the state will bear the cost the sick pay for the first day of sick leave, it also announced late Wednesday that public gatherings with more than 500 people will be stopped.