Swedish IT entrepreneurs launch startup to help fight Covid-19

1:58 min

A group of IT entrepreneurs have joined forces to set up a non-profit organisation that aims to support doctors and nurses treating Covid-19 patients in Sweden.

"We just want to quickly mobilise civil society and companies to see what works and what doesn't," one of the initiators, Dan Castillo, tells Radio Sweden.

Castillo and his colleagues officially launched the non-profit organisation We Fight Covid on Monday and there are already four projects in the pipeline.

One focuses on mobilising healthcare volunteers, another on providing protective equipment for healthcare workers. A third involves organising accommodation for healthcare workers near hospitals, and a fourth on offering them free rental cars.

Castillo has also purchased 1,000 self-testing kits from China that are due to arrive in Sweden this week and will be tested by researchers at the Karolinska Institute to ensure they are reliable. If so, Castillo plans to place a larger order, he says.

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