Public Health Agency: "Sweden should not shut down"

2:22 min

At present, Sweden does not look set to impose quarantines or travel bans or to close down ski resorts or schools.

At a daily press briefing on Tuesday, Sweden’s deputy state epidemiologist, Anders Wallensten, said the country “should not shut down” and that those who can should stay active, in the interest of maintaining good public health.

The Public Health Agency also issued new rules for restaurants, cafes and bars, which from now on are only allowed to offer table service and takeaway orders.

Asked why Sweden’s strategy differs from that of other countries in Europe, like the UK and Germany, which have banned meetings of more than two people, Wallensten said each country has to explain their own measures, adding that several factors might be at play in different countries. They include what stage a country is in with regards to the epidemic and how disease control and politics are conducted there.

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