Stefan Löfven says thousands of lives will be lost

0:59 min

In a interview with newspaper Dagens Nyheter published today, the Prime Minister said thousands would lose their lives due to the corona virus outbreak.

Stefan Löfven said that we may just as well prepare ourselves for such an outcome and that it will last for months rather than weeks.

Löfven stressed that the policies the Swedish government is following are designed to flatten the curve of the spread of the disease and so avoid a peak of cases that would be beyond the limits of the health services to cope with. He also promised that the government would introduce measures to stimulate the economy once the worst of the virus was over and that he hoped the economy would bounce back quickly, but he believed that there would be companies that will not survive the economic downturn.

When asked if any positives had come out of the crisis, the Prime Minister said he was encouraged by the instances of solidarity shown and he hoped that would strengthen society in the long run.