Steep rise in unemployment and number of people given notice at work

2:46 min

A record 50,000 people have over the past five weeks been given notice that they may lose their job, according to updated figures from the Public Employment Agency.

Unemployment is now increasing faster than during the financial crisis in 2008. People working in the restaurant and hotel industry are the worst affected, as well as staffing agencies, the transport sector and increasingly also within retail.

The people who have been given notice that they may be laid off, are not without a job yet and if things turn around in the next month or three months, they may hold on to it, the Agency says.

But the number of how many people that have formally registered as unemployed has also gone up. Last week 25,350 people signed on as unemployed at the public employment agency. That is about ten thousand more than the week before, and higher than during any single week of the financial crisis 2008.

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