Stockholm to start testing staff working in homes for the elderly

2:41 min

On Thursday, the region of Stockholm will start testing people who work at homes for the elderly for covid-19. The capital's health commissioner Anna Starbrink tells Swedish Television that it is "regrettable" that Sweden's capacity for testing has been so low.

"I wish we could be testing more people from the start," Starbrink said. "But the resources that are there need to be prioritised in the right way. But the idea to first and foremost test people who work in hospitals and people who have symptoms, is a reasonable priority."

Last week, Swedish Radio reported that the novel coronavirus had found its way into a third of all the homes for the elderly in Stockholm.

Earlier in the week, the Public Health Agency announced that they hope to increase the testing for covid-19 to up to 100,000 tests per week within a couple of weeks. Last week, approximately 17,000 people were tested for the virus in Sweden.

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