Investigation: Elderly still being moved into Covid-19 infected nursing homes

2:34 min

Despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the elderly are continuing to be moved into nursing homes in Stockholm and Sörmland where Covid-19 has found to be present, according to an investigation by Swedish Radio News.

At a nursing home in Stockholm, a carer tells of a person who moved in while Covid-19 infection there was still widespread.

"I thought it was strange that people were allowed to move in because there was someone on almost every floor who had the virus," she says.

Patric Rylander, senior citizens director at Stockholm city council, says attempts are being made to place healthy people in living quarters where there is no infection, but no order has been given to stop all transfers because that could mean that an elderly citizen who needs a place at a nursing home could end up missing out altogether, and that could cause other problems.

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