Nordics concern over Covid-19 spread in Sweden

8:45 min

Norway and Finland are looking at opening their borders for the tourist season and are said to be considering retaining travel restrictions on Sweden.

In Denmark, several opposition parties want to open to Germans and Norwegians, but not to Swedes.

With cases having crossed the 30,000 mark, Sweden's death toll in the pandemic has reached over 3,800, more than three times the combined total of Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland.

"We can see that Sweden has a good overview of the situation and it's transparent. We speak to our Nordic colleagues weekly and there are ongoing discussions on how to lift the restrictions in the best way," Line Vold, department director for infection disease control and preparednesss at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, tells Radio Sweden.

Click on the link to hear our interview with Line Vold, which also covers Norway's lockdown strategy.