Forestry workers from abroad to be exempt from entry ban

4:13 min

Seasonal workers in gardening and forestry will also be exempt from the temporary travel restrictions, the government announced on Wednesday.

The travel restrictions, introduced on the 19th of March ban anyone from entering Sweden from a country outside the EU (or Norway, Norway, Island, the UK, Lichtenstein and Switzerland). The entry ban was extended last week, until the 15th of June.

The EU-wide rules allow for exemptions for seasonal workers in the agricultural sector, which in for example Finland was interpreted to also include forestry workers. But not in Sweden.

On Wednesday, the minister for financial markets Per Bolund announced that the government will review the rules to also include gardening and forestry, and that it will happen "urgently".

We spoke to the CEO of a forestry company that had planned for 43 people to come to Sweden from Ukraine already in April, to hear what the travel ban has meant for them. We also spoke to the employers' organisation and the trade union to hear their perspectives.

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