Care deaths criticised in parliament as government rating drops

2:24 min

The government was heavily criticised today in a parliamentary debate Friday for failing to protect the elderly.

Around half of all those who died with the coronavirus have been residents in the care homes, where the most elderly and infirm are placed.

The debate in the Riksdag was called for by the nationalist Sweden Democrats and the socialist Left party, who are both in opposition.

Several opposition parties are also calling for a commission of inquiry into the corona strategy immediately.

The minister for health and social affairs, Lena Hallengren of the centre-left Social Democrat party says we're in the middle of a pandemic, a crisis of historic proportions and it is not time to think it is all over and carry out an evaluation now.

Also on Friday a survey by Sifo suggests the government's approval rating has fallen sharply, from 59 to 48 percent, although that is still far above the government's rating before the corona crisis.

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