More measures to stop coronavirus may have been needed, Tegnell admits

1:32 min

Sweden should have put more measures in place to fight the spread of the coronavirus from an early stage, state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell told Swedish Radio, admitting that in hindsight the country's strategy should have been closer to that of others.

If we encountered the same disease, knowing what we know today, I think we would end up doing something in the middle between what Sweden did, and what the rest of the world did.
There's potential to improve upon what we have done in Sweden, of course. And it would be good to know exactly what should be closed down to better hinder the spread of the disease,"

With other countries relaxing their restrictions gradually it is now possible to see which of them were most effective and could have also been applicable for Sweden, he explained.

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Update: Anders Tegnell later clarified his remarks in the daily press conference with the health authorities, you can hear more here.