14 percent of tests in Stockholm show Covid-19 antibodies

2:18 min

Approximately 14 per cent of people tested in Stockholm have antibodies against covid-19, according to the company Werlabs.

CEO Henrik Forsberg tells news agency TT that the people that have been tested are not representative of the population as a whole, but that the number of people tested is large. The company has analysed 50,000 tests made over six weeks, from the end of April till the middle of June.

This showed that 14 percent of those tested in Stockholm had anti-bodies, while it was 11.5 percent in Gothenburg and five per cent in Malmö. The average for all tests nationwide is 10.8 per cent.

Forsberg stresses that this is not a scientific study, but that it is the actual result of the people who have chosen to be tested with his company.

In the end of April, the Public Health Agency estimated that a quarter of all people in Stockholm would have had covid-19 by the 1st of May. But in their own study, with samples from tests made around that time, the numbers were much lower. Only 7.3 percent of people in Stockholm had antibodies then, while Skåne and Västra Götaland showed around half of that. It usually takes the body several weeks after an infection to create antibodies.

Click on the link to hear what state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell had to say about the new figures.