Corona outbreak in Gällivare after people were "too relaxed" says medical officer

4:49 min

The situation in Gällivare has improved after the local authority last week sounded the alarm over a dramatic covid-19 outbreak, the chief medical officer for communicable disease control in the region, Anders Nystedt, tells Radio Sweden.

He says the local authorities have taken appropriate measures, and the local mine where many of Covid-19 cases have been confirmed, as well as the public have now taken steps to slow a further spread.

The fact that it happened in the first place is, according to Nystedt, most likely because people had become too relaxed, and stopped following advice on physical distancing, hand washing and did not stay at home even if they felt ill.

I hope this is a wake-up call for the population in the whole of Norrbotten and also the whole of Sweden, that you have to follow these rules and regulations... Because if you are too relaxed and break the rules, there is a big risk that the spread of this infection will start very quickly,"

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