A-kassa waiting times have not increased during the Corona crisis

5:50 min

Unemployment insurance funds, known as a-kassor, are currently inundated with new applications for unemployment benefit. But the average waiting time has not increased, according to the Unemployment Insurance Inspectorate.

According to the Inspectorate, which oversees the work of the a-kassor, the average time between an application being filed, and the unemployment benefit being paid out, is five weeks. And that is largely the same as it was two years ago, says Jessica Idbrant, who is the head of analysis at the Inspectorate.

But there is big differences between different unemployment funds. The waiting times vary between four a nine weeks on average,"

The unemployment insurance fund for hotel and restaurant workers (HRAK) are currently processing applications from the beginning of May. They have increased their staffing numbers by 25 percent, in order to keep up with the demand, says Jeanette Thomsen, head of the legal department at HRAK.

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