Staff concerns about face masks at some privately-run elderly care homes

3:19 min

During the corona pandemic, one private healthcare company has profiled itself as a company leading the fight against corona. According to the company management, its healthcare staff uses face masks all the time so as not to spread potential covid-19 infection to the elderly.

But now staff at one of Attendo's elderly care homes have told Swedish Radio News about the feelings of fear they have that the masks they use provided by the company do not live up to the required safety standard.

"All the information on the packaging is in Chinese so I do not know what type of mask it is and I don't know if it is protecting me or the elderly", one staff member at a care home tells Swedish Radio News.

For a face mask to be approved in Sweden it must have the CE mark, which shows compliance with EU's safety standards. Swedish Radio News says it has seen pictures of face masks from several different Attendo Care homes, some have CE marks on the packaging, but in several places they do not.

Ammy Wehlin, CEO of Attendo Scandinavia, says that the company's face masks do carry the CE mark.

"Yes, when I talk to those who order these masks they say that they are CE marked," she tells Swedish Radio News.

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