Some regions asking patients to carry out contact tracing

2:52 min

Sweden's regional health authorities have been given the task of once again mapping out how the coronavirus has spread to those who have tested positive for Covid-19, so called "track and trace".

But some regions are finding it difficult to cope with the workload, which involves contacting friends, family and colleagues of those who have tested positive for the virus, and they have instead asked the patients themselves to make the calls, reports Sweden's Radio News.

It's such a big volume that we're talking about now, about up to a hundred new cases a day. It is too extensive for hospital staff right now to sit around and call,"

When it comes to healthcare professionals and those seriously ill people from covid-19, all regions are carrying out contact tracing.

But with the government wanting to roll out the contact tracing to the general public as well, Swedish Radio News reports that several regions have decided to place the responsibility on those infected.

Our infection trackers are prepared to trace all the contacts. But if the patient him or herself says that I can ring family and close friends, then they can do so",

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