Survey: Swedes less worried about second Covid-19 wave than Nordic neighbours

2:22 min

A new survey from pollster Kantar Sifo shows that, compared to their Nordic neighbours, Swedes are less worried about Covid-19 and a second wave of the pandemic, and they have a more positive outlook on the potential for an economic recovery.

Rikard Larsson, business and client director at Kantar Sifo in Sweden, told Radio Sweden:

In the beginning of the outbreak, we could see that Swedes were less worried about the pandemic compared to the other Nordic countries, but by late May we could see a clear tendency that Swedes got more worried compared to the other Nordic countries, where the concern decreased. However, if we look to the present...we can see that the share of people feeling worried has significantly decreased, so Swedes are much less worried about the pandemic now compared to two months ago."

The survey has been conducted globally in three rounds, with 1,000 respondents in Sweden for each study.

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