Gang crime in Sweden still at a serious level: Social Democrats

1:18 min

The situation with gang crime in Sweden continues to be serious, according to Minister for Home Affairs Mikael Damberg, who took the place of Prime Minister Stefan Löfven to represent the Social Democrats in Swedish Radio's week of party leader interviews on Saturday.

Shootings and the use of explosive devices continues to be at a high level, he noted, despite the special Operation Rimfrost police operation against organised crime which recently concluded. But Rimfrost did manage to hinder some of their activity, Damberg said.

I won't accept this as the new normal. I can confirm the reality out there, where shootings and explosions continue, but we won't accept it. We won't say that this is the new normal, because it will be pushed back. That's what our 34 point program against gang crime is about, and what the broad growth in the police is about,"

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