Give bus drivers legal right to stop crowding, Stockholm transport operator asks

1:31 min

Stockholm's public transport operator SL has asked the Swedish government to make a temporary law change that would give their drivers the legal power to stop passengers boarding if they are concerned about overcrowding on buses, trains or trams, local newspaper Mitt i reports.

Last week SL told Radio Sweden that the general public needs to play its part if crowding is to be avoided this summer, appealing for them to only travel if necessary.

But despite that advice designed to minimise the risk of spreading the coronavirus, there are concerns that the autumn could see an increase to normal passenger numbers again as people go back to work and high schools resume classes following a period of distance learning in the spring.

Now, SL has made a request via the County Administrative Board for its drivers, the police and security guards to have legal grounds to deny passengers travel if they're concerned it could lead to spreading of the virus via crowding. That would need a change in the law.

At the moment, legally they can only stop people boarding and stop crowding if there is disorderly conduct, not just because the bus is busy.

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