Norway eases travel restrictions on three regions in Sweden

1:48 min

Norway today announced that it is relaxing its strict quarantine rules for many European arrivals but only people living in three Swedish regions will be allowed to travel freely between the two countries from the middle of next week.

Trips to and from Kronoberg, Skåne and Blekinge will be unrestricted from July 15th, but the rest of the country, including Värmland along the Norwegian border is still off-limits due to the rate of Covid-19 infection.

Residents of those three regions are also allowed to travel to neighbouring Denmark, as well as residents of Västerbotten, with Skåne residents allowed to cross the Öresund bridge as of tomorrow.

Sweden's official recommendation against non-essential travel to most countries, including Norway and Denmark, is still in place, but that is due to be reviewed again next week.

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