Swedish hairdressers left to their own devices to protect against covid-19

7:22 min

In the UK, hairdressers and other people working in ‘close contact services’ must wear visors and carry out a covid-19 risk assessment. No such requirements are in place in Sweden.

Ahead of barbers and hairdressers in UK coming out of lockdown, the authorities there issued a 42-page document with detailed instructions for "close contact services" with rules they must follow to minimise the risk of spreading COVID-19.

No such specific instructions have been issued in Sweden, with salons told to follow the general advice issued by the authorities as regards physical distancing, hand washing, and staying home if you feel sick, both hairdresser and client.

We haven't seen hairdressers as being a group very much hit by the infection, so we haven't really concentrated on that,"

We spoke to Johan Hellström, chairman of the trade organisation for hairdressers in Sweden, Frisörföretagarna, to hear about how their members have dealt with the pandemic and the lack of instructions from the authorities. We also spoke to Robin Castañeda Segerström who works as a barber in central Stockholm, to hear about the measures his salon has taken to try to stop the virus from spreading, and how he thinks about his own safety.

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