SÄPO: Authorities failing to meet threats from foreign intelligence gathering

2:15 min

The Swedish security service says state agencies and local municipalities have problems with how they handle sensitive information, and this needs to be fixed because of the increased activity of foreign countries working to gather intelligence on Sweden right now.

One of the problems identified by the security service relates to contracts for security work, an area that came to prominence with the scandal around the Transport Agency, which was revealed to be outsourcing its IT work, with some subcontractors based abroad that had not been given security clearances.

Gabriel Wernstedt at the security service Säpo says they can see that foreign powers are constantly working to gather sensitive information from Sweden. He says this is something that has intensified, both regarding the foreign activity, but also Sweden's vulnerability due to technological changes and digitalisation.

He says that Swedish work on security measures has not kept up with these changes.

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