All-girl American football team to touch down in Stockholm

4:14 min

Girls in Sweden who play American football usually join mixed teams alongside boys, and once they turn 17, many drop out of the contact sport. Now, the country's oldest club is starting a new team just for girls under the age of 17.

The Stockholm Mean Machines is organising rookie practices in September for all girls interested in trying out for the contact sport.

Teenage sisters Rebecca and Caroline Friberg play with the club and While they have enjoyed training alongside boys or older women, they're happy to soon get to play with girls their own age.

Convincing their girl friends to give the sport a try might take more effort though.

"When I first told them I played American football, they said 'Well, you're going to die for sure, I'll come to your funeral!'" Rebecca tells Radio Sweden.

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UPDATE 19/8: after this story was published, the Mean Machines received information that the Beckomberga Maniacs had already started an all-girl team (for 13-year-olds), meaning the Mean Machines' new team isn't the very first all-girl team in the country.