Rules vary as regions implement Covid-19 testing for children

6:33 min

Sweden's public health agency's recommendation last week for the country's 21 regional health authorities to begin testing all school-age children with even the mildest of symptoms for Covid-19 is now being followed by most, although there are differences among the regions, according to a survey by Radio Sweden.

But many health authorities tell us they share similar challenges in broadening their Covid-19 testing capabilities to include children.

Helena Ernlund, Region Dalarna's doctor specialising in infectious diseases, tells Radio Sweden that demand is outstripping supply.

For a week now the biggest problem is that the public demand for testing exceeds the laboratories abilities to run tests."

In addition to the problem of laboratory testing capacity, many regions report a heavy burden on primary healthcare centres, and delays for children over-13 to access booking tests online due to the need of electronic IDs.

Press play to hear more on how Sweden's 21 regions are coping with the recommendation to test all children of school age.