Refugee crisis - Five years on

Sweden was a 'land of roses' for Julius but then reality set in

7:03 min

In 2015, more than half of the record number of asylum seekers who came to Sweden were from Syria or Afghanistan. But tens of thousands of refugees came somewhere else.

One of them is Ntobuah Julius Mvenyi, who fled his native Cameroon in 2010. After reaching Europe in 2015, Mvenyi made the more or less the same trip that thousands of others traced through the continent by train, by bus and even on foot.

Since getting his temporary residence permit, Mvenyi helped create Disabled Refugees Welcome, an integration project that work to improve the reception and settling in of disabled refugees here.

But after five years in the country - which took a dramatic turn towards a more restrictive immigration line just after his arrival - does he feel like he's a part of Sweden?

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