Travel restrictions force international students to start term online

2:20 min

The corona pandemic has stopped many international university students from coming to Sweden to study this autumn. Several hundred have been forced to start the term online from their home countries.

Caoimhe O'Sullivan from Australia is tired after staying up at night in Sydney, in order to follow the classes at Lund University.

It is very hard to feel that I am a part of a course. It is also very hard to develop those social connections. It is not ideal, but I am still learning a lot."

It is mainly students from outside the EU that are having problems getting here, according to a survey by Swedish Radio News. These students are valuable to the universities as they are paying for their studies.

Compared to the same time last year, Jönköping University has 30 percent fewer students from outside the EU this term. Stockholm University has 19 percent fewer and the Royal Institute of Technology KTH has 15 percent fewer.

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