Municipalities want national ban on elderly care home visits lifted

3:36 min

Sweden's two major health agencies are due to present their recommendations to the government soon on whether to lift the national ban on relatives visiting their loved ones inside elderly care homes.

The current legislation banning visits ends at the end of September.

Greger Bengtsson is a senior advisor on elderly care for SKR, the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions. He says that the municipalities want to see an end to the nationwide isolation of the elderly next month but with certain caveats at a local level.

We need some other regulations coming in if you get a local spread of the disease,"

Municipalities are also concerned about the potential for chaos if everyone visits their relatives in care homes in the days after a lifting of the ban.

There has been a general visiting ban in place in Sweden's care homes for the elderly since April, with relatives allowed to make limited visits outside during the summer. The care homes were hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic with over 2500 deaths registered among residents.

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