More applied for work in the elderly care this summer

2:32 min

More people than normal applied for jobs in care for the elderly this summer. The applicants are generally more experienced and have more qualifications than previous years, according to several municipalities that Swedish Radio News spoke to.

Swedish Radio News has been in touch with some 20 municipalities in different parts of the country and they all say that the interest to work with the elderly has increased. In Borås municipality, for example, they got twice as many job applications this summer, compared to last. Many municipalities in the survey say they believe the explanation lies in the uncertainties of the corona pandemic.

Partly it is people who want to do some good, because they see that there is a need. But I also think that the municipality is seen as a steady employer compared to others,"

According to estimates from the umbrella organisation Sweden's Municipalities and Regions SKR, another 15,000 employees will be needed in elderly care every year until 2026, as many of those who work there today are close to retirement age.

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