European Court demands answers regarding asylum seekers in Minsk

1:37 min

The European Court of Human Rights wants a prompt response from Sweden regarding the status of a father and son who have taken refuge at the Swedish embassy in Minsk.

The two jumped over the embassy fence in the Belarusian capital last Friday and asked for political asylum there. They say they fear being arrested and tortured amid mass demonstrations against the Belarusian regime following the August 9th presidential elections.

However, the Swedish Migration Agency does not accept asylum applications filed at Swedish embassies and so the father and son are now in a limbo. Their lawyer told Belarusian media that they have demanded that the European Court of Human Rights intervene and determine that they cannot be forced to leave the embassy.

The Court has asked Sweden to answer questions on Thursday at the latest about the status of the father and son, and about how Sweden plans to deal with their asylum application.

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