Budget proposal promises 900 millon SEK investment in Sweden's suburbs

4:18 min

Of the more than SEK 100 billion the government promises to pump into the Swedish economy next year, SEK 900 million of that has been set aside for the nation's so-called "vulnerable areas".

In a proposal championed by the centre-right Liberal Party, these places would get more money to do things like attract better teachers, fight crime, or help kids in troubled homes.

The plan is called "förortslyft", which literally means suburban boost. And its in the suburbs of Sweden's urban centres where many vulnerable areas can be found. They are defined by the police as neighbourhoods with higher rates of unemployment, crime and immigration as well as social exclusion and segregation.

For the Liberals, their proposal would focus a variety of areas like schools, Swedish language training and child care. The investments would also span the next three years. But is it enough?

We spoke to Robert Hannah from the Liberals who explains more.