Waiting times for for unemployment benefit applications continue to grow

6:11 min

Many people have lost their jobs during the corona crisis and the applications for unemployment benefit have skyrocketed. And so have the waiting times, at least at some unemployment funds.

While some unemployment funds will process your benefit application in just over a month, other funds have a median waiting time of over five months, according to the Inspectorate for Unemployment Insurance. Alfa-kassan currently has the longest waiting times, with an average of 21 weeks.

We spoke to one applicant, who has been waiting for twelve weeks so far, and says it has been a really stressful time.

A lot of uncertainty as far as how to pay my bills and relying on my partner very heavily, because I did not have any income coming in and I don't know when I am going to get my unemployment funds,"

Press play to hear more, including interviews with the Inspectorate for Unemployment Insurance and the Federation of Swedish Unemployment Funds.