Uptick in positive corona cases in Region Stockholm as it faces a medical backlog

4:14 min

Region Stockholm announced on Tuesday that it saw an uptick in its number of people testing positive for the coronavirus last week, an increase that has health officials worried.

Last week, 2.2 percent of tests for an active Covid-19 infection were positive in the region. Two weeks ago, 1.3 percent of tests there were positive.

The local health authority in Stockholm and the Public Health Agency are now in talks whether to introduce additional measures to slow the spread of the virus in the capital, with a decision due in the next couple of days.

The rise in positive cases also comes at a time when the region's health care system is trying to address a backlog of medical cases that have piled up since the coronavirus pandemic first hit, forcing routine care to be postponed or cancelled.

Health officials believe the region can clear the backlog within a year's time. That is, of course, if the public in Region Stockholm does its part too.

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