Criticism against "first come, first served" applications for university qualification exam

2:16 min

This year's university qualification exam will be available only to a limited number of people through a first come first served system, and a professor of law warns that could break the law because it is unfair.

Olle Lundin at Uppsala University says the system whereby places will go to the first people to apply benefits those with faster internet connections, and those who have the time to sign up on that particular date. This means those in big cities and who own their own computers will benefit. He says this means it breaks the law governing higher education which says the selection has to be based on objective criteria.

The university exam is voluntary and is is held twice a year. People with a good result in this exam are more likely to get a place on a much sought-after university course, since universities that have a lot of good applicants will offer some of the places based on how high you scored in the university qualification exam, while the rest qualify on their school grades. The exam tests knowledge and ability that is seen as important to finish a university course, and is in Swedish.

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